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Dairy Goat


Our story here at Marsh Valley begins with two people (Sam & Jess) who love animals that has now turned into a growing family run business located in Loxley, Sheffield. At the beginning of 2017 we started our little herd with just two Anglo Nubian kids and instantly fell in love with their big floppy ears and buckets of personality. This is the animal we wanted to work with! 

From there we began searching for our first females and very quickly our herd grew from two to ten. After meeting and speaking to some amazing people we realised there was a whole new aspect to goat keeping that we just had to be a part of, and this was showing! 


Owning dairy goats comes with the obvious, milk! This is the one thing we didn't take into consideration, the volume of milk they actually produce. Even after the kids have had their fill, there is still plenty to go around.

So what to do with all that milk... 

We brainstormed so many ideas and finally arrived at our decision, goats milk soap! As a sufferer of psoriasis this was a perfect solution, we never knew just how good goats milk was for you and your skin, but soon found it to be extremely helpful what's more our friends, family and neighbours loved it too!



We then created our first 8 cold process soap bar recipes, choosing skin loving butters and oils to make our soap luxuriously thick and moisturising. These recipes were sent off to obtain our cosmetic safety report to enable us to sell our lovely product to you!

Since then we have expanded our range to shampoo bars for both pets & humans. And expanded our herd to a second breed of goat, the British Alpine.


All your support means we get to enjoy working with our beautiful animals everyday and for that we cannot thank you enough.


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

Sam, Jess & The Marsh Valley Herd x

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